Have you ever wished you could make a difference in the life of a shelter pet at CARA but currently feel you are unable to adopt and take care of a pet full time?  Then you need to -- Adopt-a-Leash

CARA dogs and cats over the age of one year are eligible for the Adopt-a-Leash program. 

Thanks to this unique program, you can adopt the dog or cat’s leash but the animal still lives at the shelter.  You can stop in to visit them and/or take them to the dog park. 
You will be asked to to complete our foster and volunteer forms (either online or at the shelter) and make a minimum commitment of one year to that dog or cat.  Each dog gets a free membership to BREE'S Bark Park,  so you don't even have to leave CARA to spend time with your Adopt-a-Leash pet.  Once a dog is secure and comfortable with his/her new Adopt-a-Leash parent, they may go 'home' with their  'leashed' parent for sleepovers or even for the weekend!

Adopt-A-Leash pups and cats make great study partners and great companions.  Please stop by the shelter to select your special one and make an incredible difference in the life of a shelter pet.

Adopt A Leash -- Delilah

Mary Grace, thank you so much for adopting Delilah's leash! We know that our sweetheart will cherish every minute she spends with you. She is a very special girl, much the same way that you are. We look forward to seeing you as you visit the shelter in your quest to become the best Adopt-A-Leash parent that you can be. We thank you, and Delilah is thrilled to have you as her new 'mommy'!

Adopt A Leash -- Shamrock

Shamrock and Sherry!  Before Sherry came and adopted Shamrock's leash, our girl was feeling down on her luck, sad and in need of some special attention. We can already see the change in Shamrock! Today, Sherry and Shamrock spent their time in a front room, as it was so muddy and wet outside. The last visit was spent outside in the dog park. One of the great things about the program is that an Adopt-A-Leash parent can spend time with their baby on the shelter grounds, the pup can be taken out for the day, some folks even take their pups home for a weekend sleepover! And we love it when 'parents' take their pups to our adoption events! The socialization that the pup receives is an extra benefit, which many times helps in that pet finding a forever home!

Adopt A Leash -- Shelby

Danni LaComb and Shelby.  From Danni --   "I just wanted to share a little about Ms.Shelby and the adopt a leash program. I think this program is the best thing second only to adopting. If you are someone who loves dogs, big or small, but you aren't in a position to adopt, or you have a full house, ect, this program is just what you need. Not only does it being joy to you, but it can change the lives of some of these furbabies. Like for example. Before I was able to "adopt her leash, I would visit her in the shelter on days when I volunteered. She had me at "woof." I have a big soft spot for rotties. I took her out of her kennel and spent about an hour with her. I was so heartbroken, because this loving baby couldn't go home with me. I have 3 large dogs and a kitty at home, plus a total of 5 humans live in our home. Valerie told me about the adopt a leash program. A program where you can spend as much time as you want with a dog of your choice. You can pamper, spoil and love all over them. Something some of these sweet babies have never known. For Shelby, it changed her whole life. It has opened many doors that were previously closed. You see, when Shelby is in her kennel, she gets possessive. She will bark, growl, and sometimes jump at the cage. This turned many heads the wrong direction... I didn't give up on her, and neither did anyone at the shelter. I began slowly introducing her to new things outside of the shelter. It was miraculous. She was like a different dog all together. Without the adopt a leash program, no one would have known that Shelby is great with other dogs, walks great on a leash, knows "sit." And so much more. The shelter workers are always so busy. That's why the adopt a leash program is so important. Consider adopting a leash. It can be any dog. You are only required to spend 4 hours per month, and make a donation of $30.00. When you think about it, that's not a lot. It saves lives almost as much as adopting. It allows the public to see some of the babies that sometimes get over looked. And allows the babies to get much needed socialization and love. I promise, if you decide to adopt a leash, you'll never regret it. And your adopt a leash baby will be forever grateful as well.  UPDATE -- SHELBY is her a forever home now!

Adopt A Leash -- Goldie 

Ashley Prewitt and Goldie.  Goldie is our special star at CARA.  As many of you know she's the mother to the sweet pups who were found in the dumpster and famously named "Goldie's Lucky Thirteen".  While all of the her sweet pups have been adopted to great homes all over the country, Goldie still waits for to find her special family.  Fortunately she has Ashley Prewitt who is her "Adopt A Leash" mom.  Ashley recently spent time with Goldie and as you can see it made Goldie very happy.  Thank you Ashley for taking the time to spend with our sweet Goldie! UPDATE -- GOLDIE has been adopted!!

Adopt A Leash -- TK

Can you find TK??? This is our beloved TK, spending time with his Adopt-A-Leash mom, Hope, during the holidays. TK is so very lucky to have Hope. Of course, she would say that it's the other way around! He spends lots of time with her, and as this photo shows, she spoils him rotten. Our Adopt-A-Leash program is one awesome idea, an idea thought of by Jack Welch, our Chairman of the Board. I still can't decide who benefits the most from this program, our babies, or the humans that love them. Please call or come by to check out the program! This is a great idea that fits nearly everyone.

Adopt A Leash -- Patch

Okay, so this is our third Adopt-A-Leash to come from our upcoming Pit Bull Awareness Day event! Everyone, meet Patch!!!!! Patch is an awesome boy! No words for how excited Patch was to be chosen by Brian McNair to be his Adopt-A-Leash baby! Patch is still a young boy, with so much love to give. He really needed this one-on-one commitment. As was the story with the other two, Brain took Patch on a shopping trip today to have him fitted for a harness. His new Daddy said that they chose the 'I come in peace' harness & leash! Brian, thank you, thank you, thank you for adopting Patch's leash!  UPDATE: PATCH has been adopted!

Afopt A Leash --Agitha

Agitha wants everyone to know how excited she is!! Sarah Byrd adopted her leash this weekend!!! First thing Sarah did was take Agitha on a shopping trip!!!! Boy, did she have a blast!!! We are so thankful for Sarah and all of our Adopt-A-Leash parents!! And the doggies whose leashes have been adopted, well, if they could talk, they would shouting from the rooftops! UPDATE:  Agitha has been adopted.

Adopt A Leash -- Waylon

This handsome boy is Waylon, and today was his lucky day!!! Bizzy met Waylon today, and it was all downhill from there! She fell in love, adopted his leash, and away they went shopping for new toys, treats and harness! Waylon was so excited about his big bag full of goodies when they got back! Thank you, Bizzy for adopting this awesome boy's leash! He loved every minute of all your doting!  UPDATE:  WAYLON has been adopted!

Adopt A Leash -- Trudy

The Adopt-A-Leash program is a winner for our precious little Trudy!!!!! Her leash was adopted today by Phillip & Ashleigh Risher! Thank you Phillip & Ashleigh for giving Trudy that extra bit of love & attention that she was longing for. It truly means the world to her, & to us.

Adopt A Leash -- Rose Marie

8/11/12 -- Thank you to the Hager family for adopting Rose Marie in our Adopt-A-Leash program. Pictured with Rose Marie is Kelton Hager. Our Adopt-A-Leash program gives our fur babies a chance to socialize with people other than their care givers at the center.  UPDATE:  Rose Marie has been adopted!

Adopt A Leash -- Liz

Elizabeth came to CARA to spend some quality time with her Adopt-A-Leash fur baby, Liz. You can see her tail start to wag and her eyes shine when she sees Elizabeth walking through the door.

Adopt A Leash -- Genevieve

Rebecca Dumas and Mark Bernhardt adopted Genevieve in the "Adopt A Leash" program. Rebecca came by the shelter and spent some quality time with Genevieve. She has also taken Genevieve home to play in her backyard. Thank you Rebecca.  UPDATE:  Genevieve has been adopted by Rebecca.

Adopt A Leash -- NeNe

Valerie took her Adopt-a-Leash baby, Ne Ne, for a St. Paddy's Day outing today.  Looks like they both enjoyed themselves!

Candace adopted Bentley's Leash

Candice adopted Bentley's leash in CARA's Adopt-a-Leash program!  

Adopt A Leash -- Olivia adopted Baby Girl

Olivia came to the shelter with her family and "adopted" Baby Girl in the Adopt-A-Leash program. Thank you Olivia.

Adopt A Leash -- Hope adopted TK

Hope "adopted" TK in the Adopt-a-Leash program today. Thank you Hope for making a difference in TK's life. 

Adopt A Leash -- Melissa

Brenda took Melissa shopping at Hollywood Feed Saturday and Melissa picked out a lovely pink jacket. Melissa is Brenda's adopt a leash pet. Thank you Brenda.

Adopt A Leash -- Sam and Maggie

Liz adopted Sam and Maggie.

  Adopt A Leash -- Laura adopts Sam's Leash

Laura adopted Sam's leash in our new program.