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Adoption is VERY serious business for us.  We want to make sure each animal is adopted into the best possible home.

Before you fill out an application PLEASE READ these policies below.  Failing to meet these or entering false information will be an automatic decline.

  1. Adoption application must be filled out COMPLETELY by the ADOPTER either online or on paper at the shelter. (Links below)

  2. Know your county/city breed restrictions before applying. 

  3. The adoption application will be reviewed by CARA management. Veterinarian and other references will be checked. When checking veterinarian references, we are looking for a history of routine, as well as emergency services. The application will then be forwarded to the Adoption Committee for a decision.

  4. Adoption applications are approved on an individual basis by the Adoption Committee. CARA’s goal is to make the best possible match for the animal and the ADOPTER. CARA will notify the applicant the status within seven (7) days.

  5. ADOPTER will receive a copy of the Health Records/ Rabies Certificate (if available), a copy of the contract, and a new owner dog/cat adoption pack when he/she takes possession of the animal.

  6. It is CARA's policy that ALL animals in the ADOPTER’S household be spayed/neutered. If a medical condition exists that would make the procedure dangerous to the animal(s) this may be waivered. Other special circumstances will be considered.

  7. ADOPTER must be at least 21 YEARS OLD, Photo ID Required.

  1. ADOPTER must read and agree to abide by Adoption Contract prior to adoption. If any item on the contract is not fulfilled, the animal may be reclaimed by CARA.

  2. Adoption fee is $100.00 for a puppy or dog and $75.00 for a kitten or cat. Fee includes microchip, up-to-date vaccinations, deworming (given prior to pet leaving the shelter), spay/neuter of the animal, and rabies (if over 4 months) vaccine. A heartworm test is also included on dogs 6 months and older.

Thank you for choosing CARA.  We appreciate your patience while we process your application.

Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application