The Story of Christmas Gus
Cold, dehydrated, emaciated, the large golden dog lay on the side of the road on that cold Christmas morning 2010. He had given up trying to stand and lay there waiting for the inevitable. How long he had been there no one knows when Glenda on her way to work at CARA spotted the mass of wet golden fur by the side of the road. Fearing the worst she stopped to see if he could be helped. With relief she saw his head raise and he looked at her with those beautiful brown eyes, trusting that she would help him.

She realized that he could not stand because his back foot was caught inside a large D hook that was attached to his collar. It soon became apparent to her that it would be impossible to lift him into the truck without help. Glenda promised him that she would be back with help and went to get her son Brant. After lifting him into the passenger seat of the truck, Glenda and Brant brought him to CARA where the staff had a soft bed and warm blankets waiting for him in the lobby. It took Hollie about an hour to get his swollen foot free of the D hook.

With someone holding his head up he was able to eat and drink a small amount. After some debate it was decided that his name would be Christmas Gus. He was our Christmas Miracle. For the next 3 days Christmas Gus lay on his soft bed of blankets in the lobby not attempting to get up. The CARA staff continued to give him lots of love and encouragement. Another week would pass before Gus would actually walk on his own. In mid February a young boy and his mom saw Gus while visiting the shelter. They visited with him for another 2 weeks and decided to adopt him. We thought Christmas Gus had found his forever home. But a twist of fate and Gus was once again back at CARA in December 2011 awaiting a home. At 6 years old with a slight limp his chances of being adopted again were not good. But once again there would be a Christmas miracle for Gus! He will celebrate Christmas 2011 in a home of his own with his new family. --Janet Madden, Shelter Director

12/21/11 Update on Gus in his new home:
“Just wanted to give you guys an update on Gus last night. He did GREAT! He's an awesome car rider and enjoyed sticking his head out the window! He's so happy and content to just lay down by wherever we are. He is the sweetest little guy and has US trained already. He explored his house last night and will hopefully get to explore his yard some today. His appetite is great! I think he's gaining weight already. He has a happy little snore when he sleeps and he's so good about going out to potty. Michael has started working on speak and shake with him (they had a howling contest last night). We love him so much and we are so happy to have him. We'll send pictures soon and be sure to keep you updated on his story. Thank you all again! There will always be a place in our hearts and prayers for you guys!” --Michael, Scotie and Gus (pictured below).

The Story of Christmas Gus