Become a Foster Home

Foster homes can provide much-needed care for very young, sick or injured animals; socialization for shy or fear-aggressive animals; and basic training for animals that need it. But perhaps most importantly, foster homes can provide rescue groups and shelters with invaluable information about a foster pet’s temperament and training, making it easier to match the animal with an appropriate adoptive home. 

Providing a foster home can be a lifesaving bridge for a stray or frightened pet. It gives the animal a chance to get use to life in a home, and an opportunity to learn that people can be kind, food is available, and there is a warm, secure place to sleep. Foster care can help prepare a dog or cat for a new life in a permanent home. There’s no shortage of animals who need this preparation time before finding their own family.

Foster homes are asked to provide foster animals with plenty of love, adequate food and water, shelter from the elements, and exercise. Administering provided medication may also be necessary.

In addition to providing the basics, foster homes may also be asked to transport foster animals to adoption events. Taking animals into your home, loving them, and then letting them go requires a special kind of person. Your role as a foster parent is to prepare the animal for adoption into a loving home.  If you would like to be a foster, please fill out the dog adoption application or the cat adoption application and reference ‘FOSTER’ or call the shelter.

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